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NGO supports the establishment of civil society in Moldova through implementation of small social projects in rural and urban areas.


The NGO RSI is working out a flexible strategy of responding to the most pressing demands of the field of citizens dialogue with their elected representatives, including meetings, seminars and mass media campaigns, publishing of books and educational leaflets in order to teach Moldovan citizen how to contact or to operate with the public authorities, how to obtain and to use the official information provided, how to ensure their granted rights by the Constitution of the country.

The immediate objectives are:

-          Promotion of sustainable oriented social development to the improvement of public services, to the alleviation of poverty, and to the provision of support for disadvantaged groups

-          To disseminate the principles and practices of civic self-government as a basic form of democracy on all levels of local community

-         Health education of the people

-          Publication and distribution of books, other publications, electronic bulletins

-     Promotion of partnerships between Moldovan and foreign NGOs.


Ecological objectives:

-     Development and implementation of ecological programs in distinct sectors, particularly, in rural area

-     Promotion of ecologic-oriented social and economic policy

-     Involvement of business in solving environmental problems

-     Ecological education and training, support of the environmental projects and initiatives

-     Facilitation of connections between Governmental, social, and entrepreneurial entities for a sustainable ecologic development

-     Research and evaluation of the environmental influence on the people health. Save to My Web


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