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[New!] Project “Capacity Development of local actors, advocacy and policy dialogues as a democratic instrument for Governance at local level”
  • Donor institution: The Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe,

    Funds of Federal Office of Federal Republic of Germany.




    April, 2005



     Tacis Institution Building Partnership Programme (IBPP)

                Support to Civil Society and local Initiatives:  in partnership with principal applicant: HelpAge International and the partner: The NGO Second Breath


    The main activities will focus on the poorer communities in the southern regions of Moldova promoting volunteering networks and social cultural activities within communities. The project will also aim to link the network of volunteer groups established in the north of Moldova to develop a national network of volunteering for the support of vulnerable older people.


    January, 2004



     Project "Effective Tobacco Control Advocacy Campaign Through Developing Multisectoral Networks in Moldova"

    Project amounting 7,000.00 USD is financed by World Health Organization

    Implementation period - January 2004 – July 2004

    June 01, 2003



    The Project “Empower Social Services Via Community Development And Participatory Methodologies”, amounting 16,760.00 USD

    Co-financed by Eurasia Foundation - 12,358$

    NGO RSI and community contributions – 4,402$.

    Implementation period - June 2003 – March 2004.


    February 17, 2003



    Community Resource Centre with access to Internet will be established in village Bardar thanks to Soros-Moldova Foundation support.

    The project "Community Resource Center With Internet Access", amounting 7,420.00 USD.

    Co-financed by Soros-Moldova Foundation - 5,120$,

    NGO RSI and community contributions – 2300$.

    Implementation period - January 2003 – December 2003.


    See the projects sheet for more details.




    September  20, 2003   The Project “Empower Social Services Via Community Development And Participatory Methodologies” is financed by Eurasia Foundation, and implemented by NGO Rural and Social initiative. The important project objective is the training of the local CBOs from Lapusna and Chisinau county and Education in the field of Human Rights as first step to raise civic participation. 


    A practical activity is the audience and consulting day in communities, provided by invited experts. An audience/consulting day in Bardar community is planned for September 23. It will be conducted by invited consultants from Ombudsman office - Centre for Human Rights of Moldova (CHRM). Lawyer will offer consulting services free of charge, full day, to  local inhabitants, mostly retired, singles, person with disability, and other representatives from social disadvantaged groups.


    Event starts on Tuesday, September 23 in the Community Resource Centre at 10 A.M. All are welcomed without preliminary registration.


    For More Information Contact: Tel. 0-294-71568


    See: CHRM web site



    June 17, 2002. Our representative have participated in the 2nd Europe and Central Asia (ECA) NGO Assembly which took place in Belgrade, FR Yugoslavia, on 14-16 June 2002. 

    Some 200 NGOs from all countries of the ECA region (Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltic States, the Balkans, the former Soviet Union and Turkey) have attended the Assembly, representing a broad spectrum of various types of civil society movements: advocacy groups and think-tanks, working in areas of policy dialogue, environment, governance, gender as well as organizations involved in the implementation of development initiatives in their countries such as micro-credit or community based organizations.

    The Assembly, attended by a senior World Bank delegation headed by Johannes Linn, Vice President of the ECA region, focused on a number of key issues of mutual concern to the NGO community and the World Bank such as poverty eradication, good governance, social and environmental aspects of World Bank-supported operations in the region, the World Bank’s information disclosure policy, etc.

    The Assembly elected a Working Group comprising nine representatives of ECA-based NGOs.  The bulk of interactions between NGOs and the World Bank is country-specific and thus takes place at the country level.  


    June 3, 2002. NGO RSI participated in open competition in the frame of WB Small Grant Program.

    An $4,300 USD Grant was awarded for the implementation of the NGO RSI project "Encouragement of The Civic Engagement In Rural Area".


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