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Project “Assisting Communities Together” financially supported by UN Officer of High Office of Human Rights (Geneva) and UNDP (Moldova).


Finished Projects:




- The project "The social reintegration of vulnerable and marginalised older people in rural communities of Southern Moldova"

Tacis Institution Building Partnership Programme (IBPP)” in partnership with principal applicant: HelpAge International and the partner: The NGO Second Breath


- The project “Capacity Development of local actors, advocacy and policy dialogues as a democratic instrument for Governance at local level”

Donor institution: The Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe, Funds of Federal Office of Federal Republic of Germany. 

 See Photos, Publications




- The project “Information and Citizens' Participation - A Democratic Instrument of Governance”


- The project "Effective Tobacco Control Advocacy Campaign Through Developing Multisectoral Networks in Moldova"




- The project “Empower Social Services Via Community Development And Participatory Methodologies”, amounting 16,760.00 USD

Co-financed by Eurasia Foundation - 12,358$

NGO RSI and community contributions – 4,402$.

Implementation period - June 2003 – March 2004.


- The project "Community Resource Center With Internet Access", amounting 7,420.00 USD.

Co-financed by Soros-Moldova Foundation - 5,120$,

NGO RSI and community contributions – 2300$.

Implementation period - January 2003 – December 2003.


2002    See 2002 Annual Report in our e-library


- The project  “Encouragement of Civic Engagement in Rural Area” amounting 7,800.00 USD.

Co-financed by World Bank (Moldova office) - 4300$; 

Soros-Moldova Foundation - 1000$;

NGO RSI and community contributions – 2500$.

Implementation period - June 2002 – January 2003.


- The project „Community 'Hot problems' in kindergarten of village Bardar,

as a way to establish collaboration and participation between local authorities and community members" in the amount of  1584,0 USD.

The "Contact Centre" co financed activities with 784$,

Mayoralty – 500$ and NGO RSI ~300$.

Implementation period - December 2001 – April 2002.


- 700 USD Grant for a series of seminars on Children’s right with disabilities.

Financer: USA Embassy in Moldova, March – September 2002.




 - Small grant to plant about 15000 saplings in the “green week” on April 2001.

 - Seminar for future Volunteers (about 50 persons), in collaboration with Peace Corp.

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