Projects 2003










Project 1 “Empower Social Services Via Community Development And Participatory Methodologies”


Project 2  "Community Resource Center With Internet Access"


Projects description:


“Empower Social Services Via Community Development And Participatory Methodologies”


The project  amounting $16,760.00 USD was co-financed by:

Eurasia Foundation -    $12,358.00, NGO RSI and community contributions – $4,402

Implementation period - June 2003 – March 2004

The project appears as result of preliminary study, conducted by NGO Rural and Social initiative, not for profit organization, member of Alliance of social NGOs. The study shows the economic and social crisis have a direct and hard impact on rural communities. The State social service structures try to solve the problems but their situation is difficult as well. The financial limits and lack of managerial capabilities do not allow State structures to solve problems of the poorest at least. 

The goal of the project was to empower social services in rural area of Republic of Moldova conducted by local CBOs trained using action oriented method, during practical work.



Enhance community members’ cooperation during implementation of distinct social assistance projects for vulnerable people


Training of trainers to ensure multiplying effect and sustainability of further works


Logistic and operational support for Community Based Organizations (CBOs) by knowledge transfer and help on fundraising


Establish a partnership between local CBOs and mayoralties of  villages: Carabetovca, Iordanovca (County Lăpuşna sect. Basarabeasca), villages Satul Nou and Suric (County Cimislia),  villages Bardar and Pojareni (County Chisinau, sect. Ialoveni)


During project period (June 2003 - March 2004) were conducted:


Two training of trainers on participatory methodology. The main result is sharing „know-how” by NGO „Social and Rural Initiative” with trainee. Participants were familiarized with law environment, methods of monitoring poverty and social services provided to vulnerable people. Trainee from six (6) communities attended classes and discussed practical issues by invited consultants. This training contributed to their understanding that finding own solutions for own problems is the real way in democratic society. So, they need to change their mentality and take care on the social environment, participate on decisions that affect them. Each participant received a set of working materials, a developed brochure on participatory methodologies and established a plan of further actions in local community.


Six practical activity in the communities were conducted by our trainee  in partnership with NGO RSI. Vulnerable group, included directly in activities, represents unemployed rural inhabitants, retired aged people and children, most of them having parents far away from Moldova, for a survival job. Children remains with grand mothers, or other relatives, neighbors etc.  Other themes discussed during seminars: Legal way to clime own rights, women and child rights, family violence.  Such practical activity shows to our local partners (participants on training) how to use their knowledge. Other important issue, especially during  the firs stage, was the possibility to successfully conclude an important event during a fall period, when the majority of adult inhabitants are busy because of agricultural season.  Beside this difficulty an important number of direct beneficiaries from target group participated. The information was distributed and useful knowledge transferred using interactive methods: stories, games, drawing contest etc.


Four audience/consulting day in communities was conducted by invited consultants from Ombudsman office - Centre for Human Rights (CHRM). The lawyer offered consulting services free of charge, full day, to  local inhabitants, mostly retired, singles, person with disability, and other representatives from social disadvantaged groups.


Established web presence with subscription to mailing list to ensure sustainability, further interactions between trainers, local CBOs, beneficiaries. The e-library and Photo Gallery will be filled with content during 2nd and 3rd stage of current project and will continue to be used after the project completion. Our participant will contribute with original success story and current news. The new developed services and useful links will be added to respective pages. We expect creation of remote team of site supervisors as an  important result of common work on site renewal and regular updating that lead to its usefulness for us, partner NGOs and beneficiaries.


Main indicators are:


During the project period six (6) new coalitions were established, with CBOs from communities and two (2) on international level - with Byelorussian and Ukrainian NGOs

Local trainee contributed to the whole success with more than one thousand direct beneficiary and (30-35) thousand indirect beneficiary from their communities. Their further activity have a multiply effect on our primary results.

We have to mention an almost unexpected result even is very strong and is a real achievement for all of us: our activity and particularly, activities of the local CBOs, trained in the frame of project, already attracted direct investments in social field. The process started in 4th month of the 10 month project cicle. The total amount backed by local CBOs from different sources, at the end of project is 12.300.00 USD. So the Project effectivenes, as an investment, is almost 100% - much better than other financial investments.

A number of job places were generated in rural area. All that impressive results have been achieved in less than one year from the project beginning!



Quantitative indicators

Publications (150copies - „Participatory Methods and 200 – final Report and evaluation)


Informational booklet (leaflet)


Seminars in community


Participants during seminars




Consulting days (Laywer audience)


Total beneficiries an activities


WEB site with forum and mailing list


Direct Investments in communities from other sources, backed by local CBOs, trained in this project (Grants and accepted decisions to finance during 10 month period)

NGO Bastina 1000$ - Grant winner. Field child rights.

NGO IPCD 4300$ - Grant UNDP collaboration with local authorities

NGO RSI 7000$ - World Health Organisation decision to finance a six month project (2004)



Created Job: NGO RSI – 3

Local CBOs - 3



No. of project indirect beneficiaries who will benefit from new investments in communities



Qualitative rezults:



The social capital enrichment in each community: the social optimism and openness to the request of the social disadvantaged people.


The cooperation between local authorities and local NGOs established. The inclusion of discussed issues, including social services in community Actions Plan, developed in mayoralty. Our trainee will promote local strategy development after the project end.  


The knowledge on legal way to claim own rights by community people


The youth problems and gender issues taken into consideration on community development plans


Cooperation with other NGOs in the frame of Community Development Network is established


The Information Technology instruments like e-mail and access to site with legal, community development and cooperation issues will be widely encouraged after the project end


The close contact of parliament ombudsmen personnel with community people improved those Human Right activity also



Project 2.  "Community Resource Center With Internet Access"


The project, amounting 7,420.00 USD is co-financed by:

Soros-Moldova Foundation - 5,120$,

NGO RSI and community contributions – 2300$

Implementation period - January 2003 – December 2003


Debut: Project started on 17 February 2003, after equipment supplying and installation (6 computers, laser printer, scanner, and cash machine). The opening ceremony was attended by sponsor representatives: Soros-Moldova Foundation, Mayoralty and local counselors, school and  „Aurel David” lyceum representatives, „Licurici” kindergarten personnel, entrepreneurs and local inhabitants. 


The team is on place from 8.00 A.M. till 11 P.M. If beneficiary requests a night time for internet services, when Center is available 24 hour, 7 day per week. A special bidding for consulting services regarding network Administration and supervision was conducted. As result - three (3) individual consultants were hired on the base of their resume and work experience.

A group of local volunteers, trained during IREX IATP programm supports a series of training for community inhabitants. The topics include Windows, Internet, E-mail, searching skills, and are conducted free or under very low cost (2$/course) allowing us to cover current expenses (paper, toner). Other usual services are scanning, laser printer and, starting July 2003, color printer using HP DeskJet.


Local Public Authorities Contribution: A productive partnership is established by Local Authority: Primaria, thanks to the NGO RSI effort. As result: local Councilors voted Resource Center to be located in the good place, in centre of the village, at the first floor of Community Building. In this case all people including children, aged and people with disabilities may have access to the Centre. The local Mayoralty supports some expenses during first year: electricity, heating. A telephone line to have dial-up connection with Internet provider Moldtelecom was offered. The space needed some rehabilitation works: a new safe entrance door (amounting 2000 Lei), alarm system and a wood floor were installed. 


Recourse Centre Services provided: A number of Free Internet access coupons were distributed for persons included in our activities. Every coupon worth 10 hour of Internet access per month. Each coupon have a distinct color (green or blue) allowing us to distinguish who attend our free sessions, as adults have green coupons and schoolboys the blue one.  Every coupon contain has a range of days and a specific time to be used. Analyzing data we established that some adults do not use their time and give their coupons to own children. We decided to raise the number of children coupons and change a method of work with adults. Instead of coupons their are invited to attend a special training for adults. The same time we understood that have to change our plans and include more adults in activities. So local small business representatives, unemployed women was invited and have participated in our IT trainings.


The free Internet access (using coupons) was provided to local counselors, local economic agents, Lyceum students, kindergarten personnel,  and schoolboys from grades X, XI, XII with marks higher than 9,5. A group of children from grade VIII-IX, showing outstanding results during theoretical Computer Science classes received free coupons also.


We would like to mention that in the mean time a Computer Science courses teaches at the local Lyceum only theoretically, without computers (all computers were stored in warehouse, because of construction rehabilitation work in school during last year). To help teachers and  children we decided to offer them a possibility to have their classes in our Centre. Lyceum teacher have respective lesson in the Community Centre twice a week during a four hour each day.


In partnership with IREX/IATP program were conducted: courses on topics: Windows, E-mail, Internet, Photoshop, WEB design. A ten (10) local trainers were trained during those courses, when, they contributed to our educational activities. The invited IREX/IATP consultants conducted also a specialized course on Windows, Internet and E-mail for seven (7) adults.

Local trainers conducted three (3) groups with ten (10) beneficiary in each group in the period March-May. During summer (June-August) two (2) group of adults and one group of children have attended our courses.


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