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The story below were selected from a daily NGO RSI and our local CBO partners' practice. Most of them were established as a result of our NGOs' activity an their communities. We trained the founders and personnel of local CBOs from villages Iordanovca, Suric, Pojoreni, Satul Nou, and Hancesti city, in Chisinau, Leuseni and Chimislia county.

We believe current stories offer an example of community development activity, in most cases, started from the ground, but having a palpable achievements today, with benefic consequences for each community member.


1st. story "A VILLAGE AT THE BORDER OF TIMES". An example of successful community development

2nd. story "A Good Start: A la carte!", NGO Bastina, Iordanovca

3rd. story "In collaboration with local authorities", NGO IPDCD, Hancesti

4th. story "One team - three countries", NGO RSI, Bardar





Racesti - the small village, with a population of only 753 inhabitants, with poor roads, with a deplorable social infrastructure, forgotten by the world and by God, has undergone radical transformations, directly and indirectly.

        Five years ago  community members becoming aware of the social infrastructure rehabilitation Program, financed by World Bank through Moldovan Social Investment Fund. They have understood the necessity to change their attitude towards the problems of the village, which have to be solved only in common, they turned their backs to laziness, which, according to the sayings of the Latin’s, does not mean anything else but running from work: "Inertia est laboris exusatio".

           One of the most important problems of the community, stressed by a number of reporters, was the junior high school of Racesti, where 130 pupils from the Racesti and Zagorna villages were studying. The building, very old, was in deplorable condition. Some years ago, in some classrooms the ceiling collapsed. A disaster was about to happen. The administration of the school was forced to transfer the classes in the building of the village’s bath. 

        But next to it, there was another building, meant for the specialists of the farm, which was empty and forgotten.


The house before it became a school

Racesti school after rehabilitation


       The beginning was difficult, but their insistence was great. The inhabitants of the village gathered a part of the sum hand by hand, and the teachers sacrificed a monthly salary. Later, they remembered that some of the graduates of the school are businessmen and could help the village.

     The construction under the Micro-Project (45,000 USD) took half of year. On September,1 the renovated school opened wide its doors for the children. Encouraged by the success and enthusiastic by their nature, the people of Racesti decided not to stop at the achieved, but to move forward.


       The “New World” NGO members developed and forwarded a project to Eurasia Foundation, and they win with a 52,000 USD project for a further social and economic development of Racesti village. 

       The most important, though, is the fact, that inhabitants of Racesti village understood - solving of any problem depends totally on themselves, on the efforts mate to reach the goal.


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SUCCESS STORY - "Read 4th story in Romanian, - English version is under construction, Sorry



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